I'm Rob, a full-stack developer specialising in networks and DevOps.

I'm a graduate engineer with experience working in environments from fast-paced web development houses, security operations centers, customer facing support, k12 education and behind the scenes project planning in both private and public sector roles.

I've a passion for finding solutions for problems in the most efficient way, making use of open source and existing tools alongside carefully designed bespoke "glue" applications to minimise development and maintenance workload. With a brain wired for visualisation of high-level systems and their interactions and an aptitude for rapid familiarisation of new application interfaces and network environments, I'm well equipped for any challenge.

in my toolbox

CentOS/Debian Linux • Python • Django • C# • Nginx • Kubernetes • Traefik • Asterisk • Elasticsearch • Windows Server • PHP • VueJS • NodeJS • jQuery • PowerShell • Bash • Docker • ESXi • Hyper-V • KVM • MacOS • AWS • Azure • Google Cloud

where I do


full-time • application engineer • 2020 - present

Working closely with teams from across the organisation to both develop and improve internal tooling as well as offering customer support for our portfolio of network monitoring solutions.


systems support • it technician • live events • broadcast • equipment testing

Throughout my time as a student I've worked in a number of roles, all technical in nature and in a freelance/short term contracting capacity.


Vodafone UK, Assembly Festival, Red61, Ediburgh Fringe Society, Firefly Learning,, Edinburgh University Students' Association


BSc Hons. Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh (class of 2020)

Oh hi there!
Need a hand with something? Think I might be a good fit for your team? Drop me a message using the form below :D

Want some Pretty Good Privacy? I use, my username is rphi. You can also download my GPG public key here, its fingerprint is 6A74 1186 B7D0 CF54.

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