what I do

live events and theatre

Working with some of the best talent in Edinburgh, I have experience planning events, constructing rigs, programming and operating lights, sound and projection for everything from experimental theatre productions to full-blown musicals in a number of venues. I work best with ETC Eos, Avolites Titan, Qlab and Yamaha QL. I also have extensive experience configuring and managing ticketing and point of sale systems, including Red61 VIA.


With an academic background in computer science and experience working on networks ranging from a few clients to a few thousand, implementing wireless solutions, VoIP telephony systems, one-touch system commissioning systems and containerised application platforms, I can help get networks working for your clients, whether you are a Windows, Linux or MacOS based organisation. I'm also able to develop bespoke web-apps to build a solution to nearly any problem.

appliance testing

Fully qualified and with high-end Fluke equipment, I can perform portable appliance testing of any equipment you are likely to need, with complete test certificates and paper-trails.

works with

CentOS/Debian Linux • Python • Django • C# • Nginx • pfSense • Cisco IOS • Asterisk/3CX • Elasticsearch • Windows Server • PHP • Bootstrap • NodeJS • jQuery • PowerShell • Bash • Docker • ESXi • Hyper-V • Proxmox • MacOS • G Suite/Office 365 admin • Cisco Meraki • AWS • Azure • Google Cloud

where I do

Illuminate Technologies

Working at the forefront of mobile network management, I have worked alongside their support engineers to implement solutions to make management of internal systems more efficient and their communications with customers faster and more convenient.

Edinburgh University Students' Association

As part of their techincal and productions crew, I have worked with all manner of groups to ensure that their event runs smoothly and they have everything they need.

EUTC Bedlam Theatre

Having been on committee as technical manager for the theatre, I have seen every aspect of operating a venue first hand, and have worked to improve both their AV systems and internal network.

Vodafone UK

Tasked with improving the tooling available for their SOC analysts, I worked to introduce both existing and bespoke software solutions over the period of two summer internships.

The Edinburgh Fringe Society and Red61

Employed as front-line technical support over the Festival for their ticketing and POS systems, I worked to solve everything from card processing issues to the creation of Point to Point wireless uplinks for their temporary box office sites.

Assembly Theatre

Working as a freelance technician, I have worked in their venues to deliver techincal aspects of their customers' events.

FreshAir.org.uk Radio

I am currently working on a large project to completely overhaul the station's studio equipment and infrastructure, working with the best technology in the business like RCS Zetta, Telos Alliance Axia and Broadcast Bionics' "Bionic Studio".

Witley Infant School

Tasked with replacing the systems put in place by external contractors, I have completed multiple projects for the school, including the introduction of a #fullstack Cisco Meraki networking solution, migration to Windows 10 and introduction of Google G Suite to improve the quality of learning for their students.

anything else?

I've also helped out wtih the Tardis Project, a student managed cluster of servers located within the University of Edinburgh's Informatics department. You may also remember me from events and projects for CompSoc (some web dev and some photography) and other theatre societies including ShakeSoc, ESO, Theatre Paradok and EUSOG.

Want some Pretty Good Privacy? I use Keybase.io, my username is rphi. You can also download my GPG public key here, its fingerprint is 6A74 1186 B7D0 CF54.

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