I’m a generalist engineer with experience working in environments from fast-paced web development houses, security operations centers, telecoms OEMs, customer facing support, k12 education and behind the scenes project planning in both private and public sector roles.

I’ve a passion for finding solutions for problems in the most efficient way, making use of open source and existing tools alongside carefully designed bespoke “glue” to integrate novel data manipulation and grooming pipelines with business critical applications.

I’m a graduate from the University of Edinburgh with a BSc (Hons) Computer Science.

in my toolbox:

CentOS/Debian Linux • Python • Django • C# • Nginx • Kubernetes • Traefik • Asterisk • Elasticsearch • Windows Server • PHP • VueJS • NodeJS • jQuery • PowerShell • Bash • Docker • ESXi • Hyper-V • KVM • MacOS • AWS • Azure • Google Cloud

where I’ve worked:

  • Orbis Investments Infrastructure Engineer, London - Oct 2021 to present

    • Working alongside the Global Technical Infrastructure team to manage, monitor and support business critical core services in a primarily Microsft AD and Azure environment. My work also includes contributing to efforts to automate tasks, develop our Splunk capability and roll out “Infrastructure as Code” across the firm.
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  • OneIlluminate Applications/Software Engineer, Edinburgh - Jun 2020 to Oct 2021

    • Working to offer escalation-level support and engineering assistance to both our in-house field engineering teams, and our third party implementation partners. Day to day was incredibly diverse, ranging from constructing troubleshooting plans for remote systems, development of utility scripts (Bash and Python), system testing, producing documentation, developing extensions to our platform to support customer usecases and working closely with our R&D and PM teams to investigate deeply technical issues from the field.
    • I joined Illuminate following a successful internship in the summer of 2019.
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  • Red61 Support Engineer, Edinburgh - Aug 2019 · 1 mo

    • Working with both the Red61 and Edinburgh Fringe Society technical teams to deliver and support Linux based ticketing systems and PoS hardware for use over the Fringe Festival.
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  • Major UK fixed line telco Security Engineer, South-East - Summers 2017 and 2018 · 2 mo internships

    • Working with the security team to deploy and trial new data analysis and machine learning solutions to improve resources available to the analysts. Investigated solutions using Clouderra and Hortonworks Hadoop as well as building a full MVP cluster built on the Elasticsearch ELK stack.
    • Additionally working to develop a bespoke internal web-app simplifying discovery and triage of potential threats by combining intelligence from multiple sources into a unified “toolkit”.
  • Firefly Learning Software Development Intern - July - Aug 2015 · 2 mo

    • Working to develop a new monitoring platform based on cloud infrastructure and extend a C#.NET application with monitoring endpoints.
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On top of my industry-specific experience, I’ve also worked in a number of live events environments, managing technical aspects of events from conferences and concerts through to experimental multi-media theatre productions and large-scale musicals. I’ve also extensive experience with broadcast AV through my work managing the technical refit of freshair radio in 2020.

For my full experience, please see my LinkedIn profile.